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Turn Key Builds

The seasoned professionals at Dunn Development can take a project from conception to completion, handing it in its entirety from the ground up. Throughout our history we have been entrusted with several projects under this approach. Dunn Development’s long list of turnkey projects include health care facilities, correctional institutions, stadiums and arenas, PK-12 facilities, office buildings and metro stations. These projects are streamlined and have become increasingly more popular for clients with tight schedules.

Ground Up Construction

In many instances, Dunn Development is called upon to implement the design of an independent architect. Simply put, an architect –typically chosen by the client, designs and Dunn Development builds according to the construction documents prepared by the said architect. Under this approach we have successfully completed over 3,000 residential units including multifamily, condominiums and single-family homes, hotels and resorts, PK-12 and higher education facilities, health care facilities, shopping centers, airport infrastructure and theaters.  

Interior fit-outs

Once a commercial tenant leases space, it is time to build it out. The tenant typically gets a space with studded walls and functioning utilities. Drywall may or may not be covering the studded walls and there may or may not be finished flooring and a finished ceiling. To complete what is often called a fit-out or a build-out, Dunn Development is enlisted by tenants. Most often, the project is designed by an architect selected by the tenant. Dunn Development possesses extensive knowledge of the best and more advance building materials, means and methods to carryout interior buildouts of the highest quality and craftmanship.  Access to vast pool of skilled craftsmen and insight into efficient systems are some of Dunn Development’s most valuable qualities. We have been the general contractor for dozens of interior buildouts including office spaces, restaurants, supermarkets, health care clinics and retail stores.  

Site Improvements

Site improvements for commercial property will typically entail making changes to the land in order to contribute to the building that has been, or will be, built. Common commercial site improvements include providing underground utilities to the building, such as power/electric, cable, phone, gas, sewer and water lines, plus excavation for the building(s), parking spaces, site lighting, landscapes/hardscapes, travel ways and often many other aspects of the property. Among the many important aspects of construction that must be kept in mind, site improvement is one of the most crucial. Not only does it enable one to have a properly functioning structure, it also allows it to be suitable among the surrounding buildings. As with structure design, it requires planning and proper knowledge of zone codes, yet ultimately it is another blueprint that traces the pathway for a successful finished product.

Remodels & Renovations

Dunn Development specializes in transforming your outdated commercial and industrial buildings into modern, updated facilities with expert commercial renovation services. Commercial renovation costs per square foot can be quite different from residential projects and many of our clients are surprised how economical it is to renovate their building or industrial complex. From money-saving energy audits to eco-friendly building materials, to beautiful custom design updates inside and out, Dunn Development’s team has the experience and expertise to accomplish your goals within your budget.

Existing Project Takeover

Unfortunately, projects started by others can get off track. Putting together a Takeover Agreement to finish a project requires a thorough assessment of the site conditions, materials to be used or on order, and review of all plans and documentation of problem areas. As the new contractor, Dunn Development must interview all previous subcontractors on both their qualifications and attitudes toward the job. It’s important to know if any were part of the original problem. Dunn Development has been assigned projects by surety companies and owners, to intervene and get things back on track, helping to resolve challenges without further delay and move the project forward to completion.

Our Clients

Transportation Security
Administration (TSA)


Frontier Airlines

Southwest Airlines





Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners

TAG 3 Engineering


Fisk Electric Co.


Daifuku Webb

John Bean Technologies Corp.

Miami Dade Aviation Department

Broward County Aviation Department


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